Diabetic Care:
One of my primary specialties, I have given numerous
lectures to professionals, community groups, and
physicians-in-training regarding the latest guidelines and
standards of care relating to this disease.  Our office is one
of the few that possesses continuous glucose-monitoring
devices for tailoring patients' insulin or other medications.
For patient convenience, we have an on-site lab drawing
station at our office and a full facility located across town.
Christian Faith:
I prefer a low-key approach and will never directly ask a
patient about these subjects, but you will notice Christian
artwork in my lobby and an occasional cross in my office.  I
believe that God is in charge and that I am merely an
instrument of his ability to heal.
More to follow....
We cover everything from childhood shots to flu and
pneumonia vaccines.  Tetanus boosters and others
also available.
Nutrition and Weight Loss Counseling:
I strongly emphasize diet and lifestyle changes over the
use of medications for long-term success.  Some new
prescriptions are in the process of FDA approval.
Timely Service:
My time is no more important than anyone else's.  
Sometimes emergencies happen and we ask for
patience, but for the most part, appointments are on
schedule.  We also have available slots for same or
next day visits - when you're sick, you should be seen!
From newborns to adolescents, well child visits to sports
physicals - family medicine covers it all!  Best of all,
when they turn 18, there's no need to change doctors!
There's more to caring for seniors than simply treating
adults in general.  More medications mean more side
effects.  Some problems (dementia, debility, etc) are
unique to the age range.  I treat people in the clinic,
hospital, and nursing homes as well - providing
comprehensive medical care!
Specialty Referrals:
Enid is blessed to have a wealth of specialists in town
including cardiologists, surgeons, ophthalmologists,
cancer specialists, neurologists, and more!  I am familiar
with these individuals as well as many others in
Oklahoma City if that is your preference.