My Colleagues at Parkview:
Parkview Family Practice

I joined this private practice in 2008, becoming the fourth
partner in a comprehensive medical care facility located in
the Parkview Building just across the street from St. Mary's
Hospital.  My other colleagues include: Dr.
David Matousek,
Tom Snyder, and Dr. Lynda Mueller.
My Nurse: Amy Popham, LPN
My greatest asset to running things in
the clinic is, of course, my nurse (Amy).  
With years of prior experience, she
enables me to efficiently manage the
routine operations.  I particularly
appreciate her commitment to her
family - which reflects my personal and
professional emphasis on the same.
Additional Staff:
No office could exist without lots of help!  I'll start with
our multitasking manager, Donna Hundley.  She has
the unenviable role of problem-solver in addition to
taking care of all the paperwork and details that keep
us afloat.  The front desk staff (Sandy, Karen, and
Linda) not only field the phone calls and check patients
in, but also represent the essence of our whole
operation!  These ladies run the scheduling, filing,
billing, and other tasks while interacting with patients.  
Finally, there is the additional nursing crew: Bethany,
Bev, Donna G., and Barbara.  Whether it's directly
assisting my fellow doctors or helping in the lab, they
play a key role in taking care of our patients!