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My name is Dustin Baylor, MD
and I am a family practice
physician in Enid, Oklahoma.
I created this website to let any of
my patients (or those interested in
joining our practice) get to know me.
Site Created 11/24/09
Last Update: 1/
Obviously, this site is rather new and I'm still
learning how to construct everything - so
please excuse the progress!
                                         - D.B.
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Carter Healthcare - Medical Director for Hospice and Home Health,
Enid division.  I choose to be affiliated with a premier agency that
specializes in assisting home-bound patients as well as providing
compassionate end-of-life care for the terminally ill.
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Public Speaking - I lecture on numerous medical
issues, especially diabetes and endocrine conditions.
Please let me know if your school or community
group is interested in a particular topic.
Some of my many roles:
Member of the Oklahoma and American Associations
of Family Practitioners
- obviously providing care for
entire families of patients is my key role, and these are
the primary organizations that represent us.
Corporate Physician - licensed to provide exclusive
on-site care for employees and families at
Machine and Tool
here in Enid.  Clinics are provided
two half-days per week at the actual industrial plant.
The Commons - not many doctors visit nursing home
patients at the facilities anymore.  To provide quality
care, this is the only center I visit (although residents of
other homes are welcome to see me at my office).  I
round every month on my day off so there's no rushing.